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East First Street to Station 203+10

This project will improve State Route 79 by converting it from a highway to an access-controlled freeway.

The realignment and expansion of the Northern portion of the SR-79 caused multiple partial and full land acquisitions from residential and vacant parcels. Due to the project site rolling terrain condition, large cuts and fill were created. This caused the introduction of retaining walls. The proposed realignment does not anticipate utility relocation along the SR-79. Continuing, proper drainage will be implemented in the design and a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan as outline by the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District. Some potential permits or approvals required include air quality, 401 Permit, and 404 permits.

We widened the roadway with the addition of one lane in each direction, increasing the capacity of the facility. We also realigned the 79 both horizontally and vertically so that the design speed of the roadway according to current Caltrans standards is increased from 55 to 70 MPH. Finally we added a truck climbing lane along portions of the northbound 79 where the grade exceeds 2%.

Northern Mainline: Projects
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