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The Purpose and Needs of this project where based on the Caltrans State Route 79 Transportation Concept Report.


The purpose of this project is to improve accessibility, capacity, and safety along SR-79 to better serve the residents of Beaumont, Hemet, San Jacinto, and Murrieta. 

  • The project will provide capacity and operational improvements, improving overall safety along the corridor, and aim to reduce accidents

  • The project will decrease traffic congestion generated from the projected population growth in the region by 2045

  • The project will improve accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians along the corridor

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  • The SR-79 corridor serves as an alternate route to the I-215 and I-10 that allows for interregional travel. The region has a projected population growth rate of 36.1% by 2040. This increase in demand will result in an increase in congestion along SR-79. Maintain Level of Service or better D by 2045. 

  • Existing conditions along the corridor intersections at California Avenue and Lamb Canyon Road to improve and maintain safety improvements as SR-79 accident rates 30% higher than average 

  • Current multimodal modes of transportation and environmental impacts for wildlife to improve, including current lack of dedicated infrastructure for cyclists, pedestrians, and emergency response

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Purpose and Need: Resources and Tips
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