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A shared use path serves as part of a transportation circulation system and supports multiple recreation opportunities, such as walking and bicycling. The 10 ft wide, 3.2 mile long path extends from the Lamb Canyon trailhead just north of lamb canyon rd to Gilman Springs Road, parallel to SR-79. It will have a 5 foot travel lane in each direction with grade variations of 2% to 10%.

Due to the upcoming development of Beaumont and San Jacinto, the path would provide accessibility and ease of multimodal transportation between the two cities, through Lamb Canyon. Currently the existing condition does not provide a direct path accessible for pedestrians and cyclists. Even where the primary users may be bicyclists, skaters, or equestrians, shared-use paths typically are designed to serve pedestrians, including people using mobility devices such as manual or motorized wheelchairs. In addition to transportation uses, shared-use paths often provide recreational

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Shared Use Path: Service
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